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Dork Wife for Life
So, spending another 3 weeks by myself while the hubby's learning how to jump out of airplanes.

Luckily, for right now I'm being kept busy dog sitting for my neighbor's super hyper 2-year-old husky, Jagger. He's calmed down a little in the past week that he's been here, though he does still annoy the hell out of poor Jakey. But, he did wake me up again this morning. He started crying at 8 am. I did -not- want to get up that early. I was freakin' exhausted from yesterday. I had my prenatal intake appointment and had a boat load of blood drawn. And had a ton of info shoved at me. All together a very draining experience when I've already been soooo tired lately anyway.

But now, what to do today. Thankfully it's dropped down to decent temperatures, last week was all 80-90 degrees which is too fucking hot for April, so I can actually go out and do stuff without feeling like I'm going to sweat to death.

I need to
~Vacuum up copious amounts of dog hair
~Fold laundry
~Clean up the Kitchen 
Really don't want to do any of that...  it makes me tired just thinking about it.

I would like to
~Go get stuff to make a mobile
~Finally take doll pictures (Though to do that I'd need to clean the window I want to take the pics in front of)
~Take a nap

Yeah... that last one might win won

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 I have survived my husband's first deployment. Now I feel like a real Army Wife!

My hubby's home! Now he's washing off 2 months of Haitian stink. XD


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An unlikely frolic between Daria and Korbin. Out of character and not part of the storyline, but fun nonetheless.  

Nudity and adult material under the cutCollapse )

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 I feel like an idiot. Someone just came up to the door, tried to open it, and then rang the bell. And my first thought was "OMG, it's him, it's Eric, he's home" which is ridiculous because I was just texting him a couple hours ago and he was most definitely still in Haiti. But still... my heart started pounding and I rushed to get the door... It was just some guy that had gotten the wrong house, he wanted to neighbors' place. Even though I knew, realistically, that it wasn't going to be him at my door (If nothing else because he has a key), I was instantly disappointed. ~sigh~ Back to waiting, waiting, waiting...

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Another tidbit of filler, falling between Running and A Bit of Supervision.

WARNING: Adult language and implied violence behind the cutCollapse ) 

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 Was a little down yesterday. Didn't get to talk to Eric as much as I wanted. I miss him like crazy. There's never enough to do to keep me busy. I keep telling myself I'm going to try to redo Z's faceup, but keep chickening out of it. And, I'm kind of hesitant to do it because I don't have my camera to take pictures of the result, so I couldn't get feedback on it or anything. :/ 
Meh, this is what most of my day has been like. "I could do this... nah... well, maybe... nah..." I'm seriously frustrating myself.

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The first "fill-in-the-blanks" writing bit. An explanation of what happened to the twins. This falls between "Sibling Rivalry" and "A Bit of Supervision"

WARNING: Adult Language and Drug Refrences below the cutCollapse )

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This a collection of writing centering around my doll characters. I've tried to put them in a sensible storyline order. Also, there are two photostories in there.

WARNING: These pieces contain graphic material including, but not limited to: violence, drug use, rape, and incest. Read at your own risk!
Start Reading Behind the CutCollapse )

I'm going to start working on filling in some the gaps and switching everything to the same format. We'll see how it goes

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Many attempts to maintain a journal have been made, perhaps this one will stick. I'll be using it for multiple things. Venting, writing, and doll picture/storyline posting. 

I feel like shit today. It's rainy and grey out, which isn't helping.

My husband, Eric, is currently deployed on a Humanitarian Aid mission in Haiti. He's a Combat Engineer in the 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, NC. This is our first deployment. We've only been married since October, though we've been together for 5 1/2 years. It's hard, very hard, to be apart from him. I love Eric very much. He's my best friend, one of the few people I've ever felt truly, deeply connected to. He gets me, and he loves me even though I'm weird and nerdy and have a corny/sarcastic sense of humor. Cliche Warning!: Being apart from him, it feels like a part of me is missing.

That's not to say I don't appreciate the Military life. The separation makes me realize how strong I can be, how well I can fend for myself if I need to. I also realize how unrealistic it would be to expect all the perks and opportunities the Army has provided us without any sacrifice. It still doesn't change how much I miss that man. 

Even more so because, when he gets home, we're going to start trying to have a baby. I've been so excited, researching and planning for the nursery. But it has made me even more anxious for Eric to be home. I want to share this excitement with him, to show him the design elements I have picked out and talk about how we're going to raise our children and manage our family together. I'm eager to enter this new dimension of our partnership. And, most importantly, to get to work on baby-making! 

Well, enough of that. I'm going to post a couple of short writing bits for the heck of it. Possibly some old photostories as well. We'll see.

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